About me

I provide warm, collaborative and client-centered counselling services from my office located in the Gorge area of Victoria, and across Canada by phone or video chat. I have a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of British Columbia and am registered with the BC College of Social Workers.

Areas of Practice Include: 

Pregnancy and postpartum 

I have over 20 years of experience working alongside families in providing non-judgmental support during this important time of life.  Common concerns include mood issues, relationship changes, birth trauma recovery, excessive fear, identity shifts and pregnancy loss.  As a survivor of postpartum depression, I understand the crucial role of emotional support during the challenging years of early parenting.

Depression, Anxiety and other Mood Issues

People usually seek counselling when things are not awesome in their lives. I love supporting clients and creating space to explore what's working, what isn't, and how they can move forward with clarity and joy.  I am knowledgeable on how experience with trauma can effect a person and provide counselling in a way that protects a person's feelings of safety and builds on their inner resilience.  

Relationship Counselling

We live, love and heal in relationship with others. The quality of our relationships directly affects the quality of our lives. Counselling can help individuals navigate issues, improve communication and clarify values. I am committed to providing safe care to diverse families including single parents, poly folks, LGTBQ, co-parenting and other non-traditional arrangements. I have advanced training in working with people practicing ethical non-monogamy. 


Personal Development

Do you have personal or professional goals that seem impossibly unattainable? Looking for a safe place to explore what may be holding you back? All of us carry the subtle and not-so-subtle messages from others that keep us from expressing our authentic selves. I love to work with others to examine and challenge these limiting beliefs in order to welcome change and growth. 

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