Sleep is one of the most common areas new parents struggle with....

Ready to get more sleep? 

Contact me to learn more about my approach, pricing and packages. As with counselling, I offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation to discover if we are a good fit. 

As I am Registered with the BC College of Social Workers, your extended benefits may cover sleep consulting services. 

I help parents get more sleep without using separation based techniques or cry-it-out methods. 

As a counsellor who works with clients  in the transition to parenthood, I became aware of the importance of appropriate information, advice and support around this issue. Many parents know they could use some help with sleep, but are hesitant to engage in  commonly prescribed one-size-fits-all techniques. I trained as a Sleep Consultant so I could help families get more sleep using holistic, developmentally appropriate solutions. 

I help parents who: 

  • wonder if their babies sleep is "normal"

  • are exhausted and confused 

  • have tried sleep training with limited success

  • want to make a transition of some sort, such as from the family bed to the crib

  • want to ensure they are doing everything they can to provide their family with the sleep they need

My packages include: 

  • a comprehensive sleep and family wellness assessment

  • a 60-90 minute sleep consultation phone or zoom call. 

  • a follow up email with a summary of the recommendations discussed, as well as handouts and resources. 

  • customized email follow up depending on the level of support you choose.

I promise to: 

  • listen without judgement 

  • work collaboratively to find solutions that work for your unique family

  • respect your values as a parent

  • never suggest separation-based training or leaving baby to cry alone

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